LIFE uses proven methods and ideas to engage and serve people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Engagement for your loved one, education for you.

While your loved one participates in LIFE events like the Memory Cafe, you as caregiver can participate in your own education as your loved one engages in meaningful activities that give them purpose.

LIFE brings in speakers from organizations such as Medicare, the VA, long term care, assisted living, funeral planning, advanced directives, and Alzheimer's Association to educate caregivers and provide them with resources. When you are a part of LIFE, you are never alone.

Our programs engage, entertain, and educate.

Arts and Crafts

During our Memory Cafes, we include arts and crafts to help with dexterity, creativity, and engagement. Caregivers are invited to participate on their own, while loved ones can express themselves through their crafting.

Check the schedule and find a program.

Caregiver Support

When you are a part of LIFE, you are never alone. Join in our activities like the Memory Cafe or our Music and Memory events and build a network of understanding, education, and support.

Music and Music Therapy

We offer music therapy, sing-alongs, music and memory events and programs, and live interactive entertainment!

Intergenerational and Student Opportunities

At LIFE, we partner with local colleges and schools to allow your loved ones the opportunity to pass on their experiences and knowledge to the next generation, while giving students valuable educational and volunteer opportunities.

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