Due to COVID 19, our Memory Cafes are NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING. We will resume our Cafes when nursing homes allow visitors once again!

Movement and Healthy Eating Videos with Phyllis

Phyllis helps you keep moving and eating well.

Although we cannot have our normal in person sessions during Memory Cafes, you can still keep yourself moving!

LIFE A Dementia Friendly Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of those living with dementia and their loved ones. Physical activity is essential to keeping muscles strong and able to perform tasks independently, which also helps your loved one with their own self confidence. Phyllis' videos are designed for you and your loved one in a series of light, easy to follow exercises designed to just keep you moving.

August 16th: Phyllis takes you through a series of movements designed to help you stay limber and stimulate bloodflow

August 27th: Phyllis takes you through some simple Tai Chi and Yoga